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Seven sustainable New Zealand businesses to check out this Plastic-Free July!

Every year over 400,000 tonnes of plastic are sent to landfills. This Plastic Free July, we thought we’d share some small businesses based here in Aotearoa that are doing their part to help you reduce the amount of plastic in your life!

Dust & Glow is a waterless beauty brand aimed at helping reduce the amount of water and plastic used in the production of their beauty products. Their containers are 100% plastic-free and recyclable by using products like aluminium and paper. Their concentrated water-free beauty products greatly reduce the number of plastic in your bathroom. One Dust & Glow Shampoo or Conditioner equals three Bottles of liquid shampoo or conditioner.

All of their products are vegan, NZ Made & manufactured with 100% natural ingredients.

aleph beauty believes that you should be able to experience beauty without it costing the earth. All of their packaging is made from materials like glass and metal and is completely reusable. The award-winning beauty brand is extremely focused on creating a circular economy where all their packaging is returned to them and then reused again. All their products are highly concentrated and are water-free when possible for maximum effect and minimal waste.

Kind Face's mission is to create products focused on helping you get the best sleep possible! All their products are NZ-made and sourced locally. Their pillows are stuffed with wool from sheep who live in the Gisborne region and contain no plastic fasteners. Kind Face also has an amazing initiative where they donate pillows to kiwis in need!

A small family-run business, Anihana makes a range of body and hair care products as well as their delightful shower steamers. Most of the products come in small bars, by removing the water from the products, they come to you highly concentrated and wrapped in cardboard rather than plastic bottles. This results in a lower footprint for packaging and shipping plus they last much longer so are kinder to your wallet. 

Solid is made in Porirua by Adam and Laura an oral health therapist. They make toothpaste, powder, tablets, mouthwash and whitening in reusable glass jars. You can return your jars to them either by post or through one of their partners to be used over and over. 

Aotearoad was founded in 2016 by two women who wanted to make a change to the ever-increasing presence of plastic on supermarket shelves. They found a gap in the market for affordable paper compostable packaging in the health and beauty category. Their deodorant and lip balms have won many awards and are highly recommended. 

GoodFor is one of the most trusted food refillery in New Zealand. With 8 locations around the country (all of which are on Foodprint). GoodFor allows you and your family to fill and refill your pantry and household goods without wasteful and unnecessary packaging. GoodFor also stocks a huge range of sustainable lifestyle products that will help support the change to building a life and home based on the philosophy of consuming less and consuming quality.

What’s your favourite plastic-free New Zealand brand? Feel free to let us know by emailing!

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