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Living Plastic-Free with Ethically So

This Plastic Free July, we talked with a friend of Foodprint who is making change here in Aotearoa when it comes to helping more people move to a plastic-free lifestyle! Annabelle (Annie) Shaw, the Founder of Ethically So, has created a one-stop online shop for low-waste alternatives. We asked Annie what Ethically So is all about, what it was that inspired her to start the business, her vision for the future and some easy tips on how we can all start removing plastic from our lives, starting today!

What is Ethically So?

Annie: Ethically So. is a low-waste online store. Our aim is to make sustainable living easy, to educate and to support local New Zealand & Australian makers and creators. We focus on Kind & Conscious consumption, not over consumption

Why did you start Ethically So?

Annie: After travelling South East Asia for 7 months, I saw how much of a negative impact our addiction to plastic as society was having on communities. I saw kids playing on piles of plastic, parents burning it to cook and miles and miles of plastic patches in the ocean. It was terrifying, so much so that when we moved to Australia I did everything in my power to cut down on my single-use plastic waste. When we moved to Auckland, NZ I found it really difficult to find low-waste alternatives in one place. So I decided to create an eco one-stop-shop. I wanted to make it easy for people to find Kiwi brands that they love in one spot, whilst also being able to find everyday alternatives that don’t harm our environment

Why is plastic-free/reuse vital to you?

Annie: We need to use what we’ve got. Our planet can’t cope with the sheer amount of people and the throwaway society we live in. I’m all about educating my followers on a circular economy and ways in which you can live plastic-free. We often share a lot of eco tips and tricks on our social media platforms @ethicallyso

What's the vision?

Annie: I would love a little shop one day with a plant-based cafe attached. For now however, we are solely online and jump around markets and festivals. You can check out our upcoming events here.

What's your favourite plastic-free swap?

Annie: That’s a really tricky one as I’ve found so many over the past 3 years of us being live. I couldn’t live without my natural Raw Nature deodorant, reusable makeup removal pads or reusable razor though! Owh or keep cup or AWWA period pants.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Annie! To find out more about Ethically So and all that they have to offer, check them out at

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