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Faces of Foodprint - Caffe Greco

Meet Lucy the owner of Caffe Greco (left) and Hugh their talented barista (right).

Caffe Greco is a warm and inviting space located in the heart of Auckland CBD on Wyndham Street. Lucy has been running the cafe since 2016. Her cafe is the perfect place to escape the temperamental Auckland weather. They serve a range of hot Chinese food and cabinet options. 

Caffe Greco prides themselves on their excellent customer service and high-quality food. The sweet and sour pork is a top pick for both Lucy and her customers. Their cabinet is also full of options, from yummy sandwiches to delectable slices. Hugh’s coffee is the best in the city. 

She says that she joined Foodprint because it is a great easy-to-use service for both her cafe and its customers. Lucy loves that Foodprint allows her to sell fresh food that might otherwise go to waste while being noticed by more people. 

Make sure to add Caffe Greco to your favourites!

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