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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years! With the arrival of the new year comes setting goals and resolutions for the year to come. If you’re keen on setting a New Years Resolution but don’t know exactly what, read on for some inspo on what goals to set and how to ace them!

Reducing food waste

This is a big one for us, as our entire purpose is to reduce food waste. In saying that, a great way to reduce your food waste is to use Foodprint!

Another great way to reduce your food waste is to plan your meals for the week and write a grocery list based on your meal plan. This ensures you are buying only what you need from the supermarket and don’t end up getting extra food which could end up going to waste.

If you end up with too many leftovers, get creative with them! Our Food Waste Day blog post has a few tips and tricks on how to reduce your food waste as well as fun ways to use up leftovers. With everything happening this time of year, it can be hard to avoid food waste. Check out our Christmas Leftovers blog post, where there's a few ideas on how to get creative with your leftovers.

Reduce single use plastic waste

Single use plastic is extremely hard to avoid, but not impossible! One of the best ways to reduce your single use plastic is to buy reusables. Things such as drink bottles, lunch boxes, keep cups and even reusable cutlery to use when eating out. Ethically So stocks a wide range of reusables.

Shopping from a bulk food store instead of a supermarket is another great way to reduce your plastic waste. Most items from the supermarket, such as cereal and snacks, are covered in plastic packaging. Taking containers to bulk food stores means you can eliminate this plastic waste. You can find a wide range of different food at these bulk stores!

For more info and tips and tricks on how to reduce your plastic waste, check out our Plastic Free July blog post!

Eat more sustainably

Eating more sustainably means eating healthier and better for the environment. A plant based diet is one of the best ways to do this. Whether you change to a vegan or vegetarian diet, or even just try cutting out meat or dairy for a meal or two each week. If you’re interested in veganism and want to find out a little more about the benefits it has on the environment, check out our Vegan Day blog post!

Eating with the seasons is another great way to eat sustainably, seasonal foods tend to taste better and are cheaper. To help figure out what's in season each month, check out our Instagram! We post an update every month on what fruits and veggies are in season.

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