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Get Creative with Leftovers

We often have a fridge piled high with leftovers after Christmas, but it’s all too common to suffer a bit of cooking fatigue and lack of inspiration. Don’t let those bits and bobs of delish goodies be wasted, here are some ideas for Boxing Day eating that go beyond a turkey sandwich or ham and salad wrap.

Got some cheese leftover from the cheese board? Make a mix and match Mac ‘n’ Cheese, this family fave is a great way to use leftover cheese. Cheese also freezes well if you want to keep it for a later date.

Didn’t eat all the roast vegetables? Pan fry your roast potatoes, kumara, and pumpkin until crispy, and serve with eggs for breakfast, sliced ham for lunch, or cold roast beef for dinner.

Enjoy curry? Using shredded roast chicken or turkey in a curry is a delicious way to ensure the meat doesn’t go to waste. It’s easy to add to any curry recipe, but our favorites are Tikka Masala or a Thai Coconut Curry. While we’re talking poultry, don’t forget to keep the carcass to make homemade stock, which freezes super well for later use.

Got leftover stuffing on your hands? Although this tasty addition is often gobbled up, if you do end up with leftover stuffing, make Stuffing-Stuffed Mushrooms or Capsicums, simply add a little grated cheese and olive oil and bake until golden.

Pavlova looking a little sad on Boxing Day? Turn it into Eton Mess by simply adding some berries and whipped cream.

Do you have Christmas cake left for days? Make Christmas cake ice cream. Simply soften vanilla ice cream, then fold in lemon zest, brandy, mixed spice, and chunks of the cake. Refreeze then serve once firm.

Found a half bottle of wine in the back of the fridge or tucked behind something in the pantry? Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze it to use later in cooking.

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