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Introducing the Foodprint Pledge

To mark International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste on 29th September 2020, we launched the Foodprint Pledge. In doing so, we asked our community to join us in committing to do better by our planet and change how we treat food, after all, it's made to be eaten.

Currently, one-third of the food that’s produced in the world is wasted. There are lots of reasons why, which we'll go into in the coming weeks.

The majority of the food that’s wasted ends up in landfills where it’s left to decompose without oxygen, creating methane, a climate change contributing greenhouse gas.

We're recognising food waste as a problem, and rather than keep it hidden, work together as a community, to solve it.

Join us in making a commitment to tackle this issue by taking our pledge here.

After pledging to join us, we’ll unpack the issues around food waste, share some simple tips to help reduce it, and keep you updated with the latest in this space straight to your inbox.

We look forward to you joining us on this journey!

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