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Podcasts for Summer Listening

Summer is a great time for podcast listening! Whether it’s for road trip entertainment while walking on the beach or simply to enjoy some quiet time, we’ve rounded up a handful of podcasts that you should add to your list.

Business is Boring is one of Michal’s favourites, it’s a weekly business podcast series hosted by Simon Pound and presented by The Spinoff in association with Callaghan Innovation. The podcast has been around since 2017 and covers all sorts of industries, journeys, and experiences - there’s something for everyone. Find the episode about Foodprint to hear about Michal’s journey.

This Climate Business is about opportunities presented by the climate crisis. Every week host Vincent Heeringa talks to entrepreneurs, investors, and experts about what they’re doing to solve the climate crisis and get us down to zero emissions by 2050 – or sooner!

Kiwi Foodcast explores the stories behind the food we love. Hear from the people in our food trucks, at our farmers’ markets, in home-based kitchens, and beyond to talk shop and learn the stories behind the food they serve. Find the episode from August that explores food waste!

How To Save The World is another fave, hosted by zero waste hero Waveney Warth and comedian Tim Batt. It’s an environmental podcast that uses science, humour and suggestions on real world action you can take to make a positive contribution to help the planet. We particularly enjoyed the episodes about microplastics (April 2020) and recycling (September 2019).

Overheard at National Geographic covers curiously delightful conversations overheard at National Geographic’s headquarters, following, photographers, and scientists to the edges of our big, weird, beautiful world.

Proof is an intriguing podcast that explores the weird and wonderful backstories behind some of our favourite foods and drinks. It asks things like ‘where do food cravings come from?’ and ‘what’s the deal with ketchup?’

The Conscious Action Podcast explores topics that range from sustainability to wellbeing and everything related to conscious living. We love Brian and if you do too, be sure to head along to one of his sound meditations in the new year, you’ll be hooked and might even see us there.

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