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A Sustainable and Low Waste Christmas Gift Guide

According to Earth Collective, an extra 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging is being generated over the Christmas season. Most of this is unable to be recycled which means it ends up sitting in landfills. Getting sustainable and waste free gifts for your friends and family is a great way to ease this load on our planet. We have put together a sustainable and low waste gift guide to help you get good quality gifts for your friends and family that they will appreciate and use.

Before buying a gift for someone, ask them to send you a wish list of things they want. This ensures that the gift you are buying them will be appreciated and used, rather than being left to collect dust and eventually , put on Trade Me or taken to an op shop or worse, just thrown out.

If the recipient doesn’t know what they want, or you want your gift to be a total surprise, get them something that relates to their hobby or interest. For example, if they’re into cooking you could get them cooking utensils or a new kitchen appliance. Or, if they’re a coffee enthusiast, coffee beans or a reusable coffee cup. If you’re wanting to splurge, they’d be stoked with a new coffee machine! This way, you know you are getting them something they will appreciate and will put to good use.

You also can’t go wrong with treats, everyone loves them! Bake your own goodies and put them in a cute decorated jar or, there are also many businesses that make treat boxes such as Spoil Me or Wicked Boxes.

If you’re an artist, giving someone a piece of your art is a very thoughtful gift. This could be in the form of painting or a piece of pottery or crochet.

Online stores such as Ethically So are great places to buy sustainable and low waste gifts. Ethically So sell a wide range of products from everyday things such as cleaning and kitchen supplies to bathroom and body supplies and even stuff for your pets! You can find something for everyone.

When it comes to wrapping gifts, use fabrics you find at op shops or around the house. This eliminates the need for plastic that might be found in wrapping paper or in other present wrapping supplies. It also makes for gorgeous and unique looking gifts!

Instead of buying a gift, a yearly subscription or annual membership is always welcomed. If you’re buying for a family or someone who has kids, an annual membership to something like the zoo is a great idea, as it's an experience they can enjoy long after Christmas.

Donating to a charity on behalf of your recipient is a great idea as it also gives back to the community. Our friends at Kindness Collective are a great charity to donate to, they spread kindness by connecting children and families with the things they need. Or, let the recipient choose their own charity through The Good Registry.

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